Sholem Potash

President & Founder

Sholem Potash did not conceive Culinary Depot in a corporate boardroom or at an investor’s meeting. After two decades of preparing meals for schoolchildren and hotel guests, Sholem founded Culinary Depot in 1999 to help improve commercial kitchens. Since then, he has helped the company flourish through his experience, guidance, and leadership. By sharing his knowledge and passion, Sholem keeps Culinary Depot staff up-to-date on industry trends and excited for the future.

Michael Lichter


While Culinary Depot was originally just a wholesale product distributor, the arrival of CEO Michael Lichter led to rapid expansion. Thanks to Michael’s ambition and foresight, the company quickly became a one-stop shop offering kitchen installation and furnishing services. As CEO, Michael prides himself on fostering a positive work environment for employees in both the office and the field.

Israel Wolner

National Director of Contract Sales

Israel brings over two decades of experience in the commercial Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Industry. Primarily working with GCs, multi-unit restaurateurs, and hotel management companies, Israel approaches his work with focus and passion—two core components of the Culinary Depot philosophy.

Riva Zucker

Vice President / Contract Sales

Her extensive expertise in budget preparation and project cost estimation, are essential components in effective planning and execution. Her continuous goal is to ensure our consultants, contractors, and project owner reps have their needs met promptly throughout the project.

Randy Kurtz

Design & Engineering

Randy has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing, engineering, and design segments of the food service industry. Coordinating all stages of design, electrical, plumbing & detailed rough-in needs for sub-contractors, Randy ensures a smooth transition from design concept to full construction documents for all our projects.

Neil Posen

Project Management Team Leader

In his various managerial capacities, Neil plans, manages, and provides leadership. Since joining Culinary Depot, he has acquired a well-earned track record for delivering challenging projects and has quickly become known as someone who works well with all trades at the job site. He is extremely attentive to detail and has no problem handling anything that comes his way.

Lee Chappell

Senior Account Executive/Branch Manager, Columbia, South Carolina

Lee manages our South Carolina Sales office, which covers the Southeast region. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Lee has extensive knowledge in designing and executing full-service Military Bases and Government Institutions as well as small family-owned restaurants. His expertise enables us to deliver well-thought-out concepts consistently.